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Monitoring key components

Our analysis capabilities extend to changes across the entire web stack, including dynamic changes on the front end that could impact the overall system's health. This helps to prevent malicious alterations to the website, such as payment card processing scams, information theft, unapproved redirects and other potential security risks.


24/7 security

We provide 24/7 website monitoring to ensure that your critical web infrastructure remains available and secure. Our monitoring service detects any changes to your website's code, structure, or content, and alerts you immediately if any unauthorized modifications are detected.

Web server monitoring

Our service includes monitoring your web server, regularly checking for misconfigured services, known security issues, and weak security policies. We then report our findings back to you and provide a workflow for patching these issues.

Immutability monitoring

We provide immutability monitoring to ensure that your critical website data remains unchanged and unaltered. Our immutability monitoring service uses advanced algorithms to detect any changes to your website data, including the addition, modification or deletion of data, and alerts you immediately if any unauthorized modifications are detected. This is especially important if you have a payment gateway integrated on your site.

Reporting and analytics

We provide detailed reporting and analytics that give you a comprehensive view of your website's integrity and immutability. Our reporting and analytics tools provide real-time insights into your website's security posture, and enable you to quickly identify any potential security risks.

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