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Password managers explained

A password manager is a secure digital vault, that stores and organizes all of your passwords and login credentials. These passwords are then protected with a master password and a second authentication method. This allows creating and managing strong, unique passwords, and reduces the risk of cyber compromised passwords.


Stronger passwords

Password managers can generate strong, complex passwords that are difficult to guess or crack. This makes it much harder for cyber criminals to gain access to your accounts and steal your personal information.

Unique passwords

Password managers can create unique passwords for each of your accounts, so you don't have to use the same password for multiple accounts. This reduces the risk of a single password compromise leading to multiple account breaches.

Easy management

Password managers can store all of your passwords in one secure location, making it easy to manage and update your passwords as needed. This saves time and ensures that you don't forget or lose any of your passwords.

Encrypted storage

Password managers use advanced encryption to protect your passwords and other sensitive information. This ensures that your passwords are kept safe from cyber criminals and other unauthorized users.

Zero knowledge architecture

Zero knowledge architecture in password managers ensures that the system does not store or transmit user passwords in plain text or in a decipherable form. An encryption ensures that not even the password manager knows your actual password.

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