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What is the Dark Web

The dark web is a portion of the internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines and traditional web browsers. It can only be accessed through specialized software and configurations, such as the Tor network, which provides users with anonymity and privacy. The dark web is comprised of websites, forums and other digital platforms that are often used for illicit activities, like selling compromised data or stolen credentials.  We monitor these sites regularly, to see if any data belonging to our clients shows up here.


Early detection of data breaches

Our dark web monitoring service can detect data breaches early on, allowing our clients to take immediate action, to minimize the damage. Our service is monitoring the dark web for stolen credentials, personal information and other sensitive data.

Proactive threat intelligence

Our services provide proactive threat intelligence by identifying and tracking cybercriminals, their tactics and their targets. We use this information to identify emerging threats and vulnerabilities, to build a proactive strategy to mitigate the threath.

Reputation management

We are able to monitor the dark web for mentions of a brand or individual, allowing them to quickly respond to negative reviews, comments or other forms of reputation damaging content.

Compliance and regulation

Our Dark web monitoring services can help organizations comply with various regulations, PCI and GDPR or HIPAA by monitoring for the unauthorized access or distribution of sensitive data and rapidly respond with a mitigation solution.

Enhanced cyber security

The dark web monitoring service can enhance the overall cyber security, by identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organization's security posture.

Compromise Tracing

A specialised on demand service provided by ITIFY

Through our proprietary techniques and software, we conduct thorough scans of both the dark web and clearnet to identify any potential threats to your personal or business information. In the event that we detect any concerning activity, we can notify you, alongside with the possible solutions for mitigating the problem.

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