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6 Of Our Best Selling, Work From Home Solutions

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Cyber crime spiked 400% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure your employees are protected on any device 24/7 with military grade security we utilise the power of cutting edge, cloud based next generation endpoint solutions.

24/7 Remote Assistance

Any IT troubles? We are just a phone call or message away from helping you out with 24/7 cover availability. Remotely or visiting on site.

No Contract Internet Boost

We teamed up with the leading internet providers to ensure you get temporary additional internet coverage and speed if needed, without getting into expensive yearly contracts with the providers!

Cloud Based Desktops

For those who want flexibility with computing power, we have a wide range of cloud based system configurations on demand which is billed per hourly usage.

Storage And VPN Connectivity

We ensure all your workstations are securely interconnected just like it was in the office. Plus we can extend your network with an on demand network connected storage solution.

Video Conferencing And Chat

We offer video conferencing solutions with enhanced security to ensure everyone can attend one of those meetings that couldn't be "just an email". Additionally we will set up chat-room according to project groups.

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Registered office

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