Professionally built gaming experience

ROG Trans
Corsair Trans

Above High End

All our gaming pc's are bench-marked with 3DMark, our score levels start from 11500 which is considered as above high end, and its in the top 9% of all tested machines around the world

Fine tuned software

All our builds come with Windows 10 PRO, latest updated drivers for all the components, 1 year subscription for AVAST premium security and absolutely NO BLOATWARE! We leave that for our competitors on the high street:) 

Fair Play

Because we trust our build quality and peripheral suppliers we offer a special limited warranty on all purchases and sort our every issue you encounter.

Uncompromised performance

We only use the best available components from industry leading manufacturers which are known for quality and performance. Feedback from the gaming community is just as important and a big aspect of our builds

Maximum attention to details

All rigs built with maximum attention to detail and care, no if's and but's, no shortcuts. We reject components even with the slightest visible flaw and everything is tested and checked from cables to the last screw.


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The Components

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Mother Board AuroSync Mother Board AuroSync description
Cooler Corsair H60 Cooler Corsair H60 description
RAM Vengeance RAM Vengeance description
Mouse Deathadder Mouse Deathadder description
Kyboard Cyanosa Keyboard Cyanosa description
Hard Drive Samsung Hard Drive Samsung description
Case Corsair Case Corsair description
Graphic card RTXNightTime Graphic card RTXNightTime description
Processor Ryzen Processor Ryzen description
Montor ASUS ROG Montor ASUS ROG description